Thursday, 17 May 2018

Send Bulk SMS for your Events

Different people and organizations have different means of announcing their upcoming events. One of the best ways to notify your target audience about an event is via Bulk SMS.

If you truly want to make sure that your announcements get through to your recipients, you need to make use a means of communication that is functional on all levels. Bulk SMS provides the best solution to reach your invitees and also get your important event updates across to your audience.

SMSlive247 provides the biggest and best platform for sending Bulk SMS messages in Nigeria. Our Bulk SMS service can be used for any type of events including:

1. Training
2. Weddings
3. School Parties/Event
4. AGM – Annual General Meetings
5. Birthday Parties
6. Fellowships
7. Church Programs
8. Campaigns
9. Ceremonies
10. Cooperative and Thrift Society Meeting
11. Exhibitions and Trade Shows

For best results, you need to employ a reliable Bulk SMS provider like us for your events because, no matter the type of phones your recipients use – java, Symbian, Android, or IOS, they will definitely receive your Bulk SMS messages. It is fast, easy and efficient – you can send one text message to 10-10,000 numbers at once.

For more information on how to get started, please contact our support on 08099999247 or mail to: 
Thank you for choosing SMSlive247!


  1. Is this service still active? I have sent test messages to myself twice tonight on two separate network. It is not being delivered. I have called the help line and it says "Service not available" I have sent messages vis online chat, no response...

    1. Dear Customer,

      The website is working fine and still active.

      It appears some of the contacts did not receive your sent messages because the phone number is active on the Do Not Disturb service. This Do-Not-Disturb policy blocks customers from receiving messages for 3rd Party services (BulkSMS, VAS promos, etc.)

      You can confirm from your delivery report by clicking on ''Sent Messages'' which is on the left-hand side of your account. Once the page opens, select the PERIOD and click on the SEARCH button. When the page opens, click on the ''Batch Number N/N'' to view the total units charged.

      Kindly click on the link below to learn more about DND:

      Please copy out the DND numbers that were rejected from your delivery report, send a message to the phone numbers with the new feature added on our portal which enables you to reach your DND numbers with your desire sender ID.

      Click on Compose SMS/Compose bulk SMS, input your message and check-in the box "Send to DND numbers (2 Credits)" your message will deliver to the DND numbers conveniently.

      Many apologies for any inconvenience caused.