Monday, 19 January 2015

Introducing our 2015 updated payment methods

Last year 2014, after analyzing our customer service feedback data we discovered (not surprisingly) that the biggest issues faced by our customers is delay in getting their SMS credits after making payments. This is a major pain-point because some customers were waiting from many hours to days to get their credits. We knew we had to fix this fast and we looked at all available options and scenarios.

We are glad to inform you that we have made considerable progress. We decided to automate our systems wherever possible and key investments were made to achieve this. Listed below are all our supported payment options listed from BEST to WORST.

1. Debit/Credit Card Payment (Instant Credit, Highly Recommended)

You need a Naira MasterCard, Visa or Verve card. This is the best payment option for SmsLive247 services, it is fast, secure, convenient, and does not require a trip to the bank or a call to our office, you get your credits instantly

After you log in, click on “Buy SMS” which can be seen on the top right corner or the left hand side of the webpage, select your card type and quantity of units you want to buy then make your payments, you will get your account credited instantly. It is very reliable and can be used during the weekends and public holidays.

2. Quickteller Website/Mobile App (Instant CreditRecommended)

You need a Naira MasterCard, Visa or Verve card. Using this method requires that you make payments from the Quickteller website or mobile App. 

To make payments, simply browse to enter your phone number, email address and amount you want to pay in the fields provided. Remember to put your email address in the space provided for customer’s name. You will be redirected to a payment page where you will be asked to select your card type, enter your card number, expiry date and PIN. After entering the required details, click “PAY” and you will be credited instantly. 

This method is fast, convenient and reliable and it can be used during weekends and public holidays. Please note that this service costs a convenience fee of N100 which is charged by the Quickteller website.

3. PayDirect Bank Branch (Instant Credit, Recommended)

You need to walk into ANY bank branch! This is our NEWEST addition for instant payment. You can simply walk into any branch of any bank to make your payment. It is just like paying for DSTV or NEPA. You get your credits instantly!

See here for a list of all participating banks.

Simply walk into any Nigerian bank, pick up a deposit slip, write IDEVWORKS PAYDIRECT in the space provided for account name, write your email address in the space provided for depositor's name, skip the account number part, write the amount both in words and figures and then you tender it to the teller officer at the bank who in turn will request for the purpose of the payment (e.g. Bulk SMS, Reseller store setup). Your transaction will be processed and an e-receipt will be printed out and given to you upon completion of the transaction. 

This is now the ONLY bank payment option we would support going forward.  It is highly advised that customers who insist on going to the bank to make payments should use this method rather than depositing the money into our account.

4. Quickteller ATM (Instant Credit, Recommended)

You need to get to an ATM that has the Quickteller menu. You can make payments on a Quickteller enabled ATM machine by following the instructions: 

  • Insert your ATM card and enter your pin, select “Quickteller” from the main menu
  • Click “Pay Bills”
  • Select your account type (either savings, current or credit), a menu appears requesting for you to select your provider (either PHCN, DSTV etc.) 
  • Select “Others”, then enter your “Payment Code” for the provider you want to pay, which is “247000”
  • Enter your “Customer Reference Number”, which is your phone number
  • Enter the amount you want to pay, and you will be credited instantly. 

Please note that this service costs a convenience fee of N100 charged by the Quickteller service.

5. Online Bank Transfers (Not really recommended)

You need internet banking access and our bank account number. This method involves making online payments from your bank account to our bank account via your internet banking page. Each bank has its own specific procedure for going about this, so you may need to contact your bank if you intend using this service. Note that you may NOT get your credits instantly if you fail to use your email address in the remarks/description field, or if your internet banking application truncates your email e.t.c. In such cases, you need to call our customer service numbers to rectify the issue and get your credits.

6. Bank Deposit (Not Recommended)

Please do NOT use this payment option anymore. This is the usual payment option where you pay into our bank account. Although this has been the primary mode of payment for years, we now recommend other faster and less complex means. Many customers who use this method, still have to call the office to get their accounts credited manually due to typographical errors or wrong/misspelt narrations that may occur during the course of their transaction.

We hope that you will find this information useful and we remain at your disposal for any further clarifications you may need.

Thank you for choosing SmsLive247!

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Available API options on our platform

HTTP Connectivity API

We will connect you to the wireless world through simple integration! You will be able to send SMS messages to your clients, staff or user-database - around the globe. HTTP is one of the simpler forms of communication to our gateway.
It can be used either in the form of an HTTP POST or GET. Our HTTP API Supports Text, Flash, Unicode and 8-bit SMS messaging, and offers complete customisation and personalisation allowing the client to define the SenderID (on most networks) and message content.

WebService API

SMSLive247 WebService API is the richest and most complete API for all scenarios. You can build an entire SMS website based on this API without much work. The WebService API allows you to create and manage sub-users, making it possible to own your own SMS website without needing a database!
Our reseller sites are built on this API so you know how robust it really is. It can be used either in the form of a .NET or a PHP.

The SMSLive247 .NET web service API allows you to manage your bulk SMS account programmatically using simple interfaces. You can issue requests using Visual Basic 2010 and above. Every aspect of the API is very well defined and in order to perform most actions using our API, the system needs to authenticate the request as coming from a valid source, so that makes it secured.

The PHP API on the other hand, uses the smslive247 web services to interact with the SMSLive247 engine for sending SMS and performing other simple tasks. You can also customize and use it in your web based applications or your websites.

Please note: This information applies to both resellers and non-resellers alike that are using our API.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Happy New Year!!!

Our heartfelt greetings goes to you and your loved ones this special season, we wish you a happy and prosperous 2015.

We also say a sincere thank you for your goodwill and loyalty throughout the past year, and we look forward to your patronage in this New Year.

Thank you for choosing SMSLIVE247!

God Bless You!!!