Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Delivery reports for sent messages

Whenever messages are sent out of your account, a delivery report is usually generated to help you know the status of your sent messages.

The SMS delivery notification sent to your mailbox contains the list of numbers the message was sent to. It gives a summary of the total submitted, total failed and total SMS credits charged for each SMS sent.

Nevertheless, you can view the status of your messages by clicking on The ''Delivery Report'' link of each message sent.
To view the delivery report, click on ''Sent Messages'' which is on the left hand side of your account.

Once the page opens, select the PERIOD and click on the SEARCH button.
When the page opens, click on the ''Delivery Report'' link after each SMS to view the status of your messages.
On the delivery report page, there are terms that explain the status of each SMS sent.

The terms are explained below:

DELIVERED – this status means that your sent message has been successfully delivered to your recipient as supposed.

ACCEPTED – this status shows that your sent messages have been ACCEPTED by the network service providers of your recipients awaiting delivery status. In this case, the messages have been successfully sent out of our SMS gateway to your recipient’s service providers respectively waiting to be delivered to each of your recipients on different network. If your sent SMS remains on this list longer than it’s expected then there is probably a network problem with the mobile network service providers.

UNDELIVERED – this status shows that messages sent are not deliverable to your recipients as supposed. Your recipients are either not within network coverage area or does not have the facility to receive text messages.

REJECTED – messages sent are rejected and not deliverable to your recipients due to incorrect input of mobile numbers or mobile numbers that does not exist.

EXPIRED – sent messages expire on delivery to its intended recipients once it exceeds its validity period of delivery.