Friday, 27 December 2013

Solution to Glo delivery

Under the new regulation of Globacom Nigeria, messages with numbers or names of other operators in text box or sender ID’s sent to GLO lines will be blocked as Globacom strictly forbids sending messages with marketing of other operators (that includes sending numbers and names of other operators).

The good news is, messages with numbers included in its content can now be sent only if it is an alert from financial institutions. If you have any financial traffic, then please send us the exact sender ID and message you want to send so we can register it within Globacom and traffic can go through, otherwise, Globacom strictly forbids sending mention traffic through their direct server. This rule is applied for all vendors with direct lines to Globacom.

Please send us suggestions and feedbacks so as to know areas of improvement in order to serve you better.

Thank you for your loyalty throughout the year.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Self service

It has been observed that many customers would have to call before their accounts can be credited, due to the fact that the teller at the bank made a typographical error by posting incomplete characters of the email addresses used as the depositor’s name and many other vices.  Smslive247 has proffered a solution to this, all you need do is confirm the payment from your end and credit your account personally.  We have tested this feature for some time now and it has been effective in some cases.

To confirm your payment: log in to your smslive247 account, under ‘Account Overview’ you will see ‘Account not credited?

Click here to confirm your payment’ on the page that opens, there you will select

1. Date Type:  there are two options a. Exact Date b. Date Range. If you are sure of the date of the payment, you should choose the ‘Exact Date’ option but when you are not sure of the date, you should choose the ‘Date Range’ option. Then input the date.

2. Bank: Select the bank you paid to.  The list of banks we use will be displayed when you click on the drop down arrow.

3. Amount: Insert the amount you paid in the text box provided for it.

4. Depositor’s name used: type in the name you wrote on the deposit slip in the text box provided for it.            

5.  Confirm Button: After all the details have been specified, click on confirm button, the search engine on our platform will search for your payment and credit your account automatically.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Reasons for undelivered messages

This is to bring to your notice some changes on the Sender's ID option.  Some of the network providers have recently included some measures on their server to curtail fraud as its rate increases daily.

Some of these measures are:

1.             GLO Nigeria does not allow the usage of Phone numbers as the Sender's ID, as well as the inclusion of Phone numbers in the body of the message.
2.            MTN Nigeria does not allow the use Promo, Y’ello, MTN etc in a message or as the Sender’s id.
3.            Mixing alphabets with numbers such as FECA 2013 as Sender Id is not accepted on all networks.
4.            Usage of numeric characters less than 11 digits such as ‘999’, ‘3021’ or ’777’ as Sender Id is not accepted on all networks.

You may be charged and the messages will not get delivered when any of these measures is ignored, we would not be able to refund the units charged because we would be billed as well for the messages.  So to avoid this, you need to take note of these measures.

We want to hear from you! Have any suggestions, ideas or thoughts on how we can improve? Email us at or call support on 08099999247and help us become a better company for you.

Thursday, 31 October 2013


As the year begins to wind down, Smslive247 accelerates forward on our services to serve you better!
We've got some really awesome news this month, including a little precaution on the latest updates on some of our network provider’s services.

Our promo is still ongoing, you stand to get a particular percentage of Credits when you make a purchase.

100 - 4,999 units                             =             20% Free Credits
5,000 - 9,999 units                          =             15% Free Credits
10,000 - 49,999 units                      =             10% Free Credits
50,000 - 99,999 units                       =             5% Free Credits

For example, you get:
400 free units each time you buy 2,000 SMS units
900 free units each time you buy 6,000 SMS units
3000 free units each time you buy 20,000 SMS units
3500 free units each time you buy 70,000 SMS units etc

We want our customers to take full advantage of this while stock lasts.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Delivery reports for sent messages

Whenever messages are sent out of your account, a delivery report is usually generated to help you know the status of your sent messages.

The SMS delivery notification sent to your mailbox contains the list of numbers the message was sent to. It gives a summary of the total submitted, total failed and total SMS credits charged for each SMS sent.

Nevertheless, you can view the status of your messages by clicking on The ''Delivery Report'' link of each message sent.
To view the delivery report, click on ''Sent Messages'' which is on the left hand side of your account.

Once the page opens, select the PERIOD and click on the SEARCH button.
When the page opens, click on the ''Delivery Report'' link after each SMS to view the status of your messages.
On the delivery report page, there are terms that explain the status of each SMS sent.

The terms are explained below:

DELIVERED – this status means that your sent message has been successfully delivered to your recipient as supposed.

ACCEPTED – this status shows that your sent messages have been ACCEPTED by the network service providers of your recipients awaiting delivery status. In this case, the messages have been successfully sent out of our SMS gateway to your recipient’s service providers respectively waiting to be delivered to each of your recipients on different network. If your sent SMS remains on this list longer than it’s expected then there is probably a network problem with the mobile network service providers.

UNDELIVERED – this status shows that messages sent are not deliverable to your recipients as supposed. Your recipients are either not within network coverage area or does not have the facility to receive text messages.

REJECTED – messages sent are rejected and not deliverable to your recipients due to incorrect input of mobile numbers or mobile numbers that does not exist.

EXPIRED – sent messages expire on delivery to its intended recipients once it exceeds its validity period of delivery.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Be a reseller and make more profit this season

You can own a reseller store with just 1000 units of SMS credits and a registered domain name of your choice. As a reseller, purchase more SMS credits and benefit greatly from the ongoing promo with up to 30% SMS bonus anytime you make SMS purchase. The bonus SMS has no expiry date.

This is how it works:

Purchase 1000 units of SMS credits and create a Re-seller store. Once the store is created, you will then link the already registered domain name with the store you created and you have a Re-seller Store of your own set up immediately.

What are the benefits of being a reseller on

  • You can set your prices, customize your Re-seller web store, upload your logo and manage your users.
  • Your customers will be able to buy SMS on your store by paying to your bank account.
  • You can set up your website to give new clients/customers free SMS credits which will be deducted from your Store's SMS balance.
  • You will have administrative access to the store and can as well check logs and statistics of your store.
  • No need for web-hosting.

Feel free to call our reseller hotline – 08096504224, Monday – Friday; 8:30am – 5:00pm or send a mail to for more information.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Get at least 10% bonus or more instantly for every bulk SMS purchase you make on  The promo is still on and we implore you to participate and enjoy the great benefits. Please visit this link for more info. 


You can use any of our recharge options as listed below to make payment for your bulk SMS purchase:

  1. Online transfer from your account to our account, you will have to include your email address in 'Remark', 'Narration', 'Description' depending on the bank
  2. Pay using your Verve and MasterCard, click on 'Buy SMS Credit' on the left side of your account and follow the instructions.
  3. You can make cash and cheque deposit into any of the bank accounts listed on the website. Your email address still remains your depositor’s name when making cash deposit for SMS purchase into any of the bank accounts listed on the website.
  4. You can also make online payment through with a Verve or Master Card, type on your address bar, when the page opens, Click on 'Pay' input your email address and phone number in the space provided then follow the instructions. Note that you can only use Verve or Master Card on this platform.  Please send a mail to once your payment is made.

Our trained support team is always available to assist you with all your inquiries and whatever info you may require to enjoy our bulk SMS service. Your ideas or suggestions are highly welcomed as they will help us make your experience with us beneficial. Our support hotline - 08099999247 is open for calls Monday – Friday; 8:30am – 9:30pm or send a mail to and it will be responded to within 24 hours.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Our new reseller hotline and website

From Our Team to You
SMSLive247 team appreciates your patronage for the past month, we hope we've been able to render a more satisfying service to you in recent times. We want to use this medium to establish a communication platform which we hope will bridge the communication gap we have with our customers. It is intended to improve our customer relationship and know the areas we can improve our services through customers feedback.

New Re-seller Line
Due to the estimable value of our re-sellers, we at SmsLive247 have introduced a new line through which our re-sellers can get to the re-seller unit directly. The new number is 08096504224. Please save this new number on your devices since it’s going to be the medium through which re-sellers issues will be solved urgently.
We want to use this medium to inform you in advance that both the MTN (+234-706-717-7752) and GLO (+234-807-383-4331) lines will be withdrawn very soon.

New Re-seller Website
The development section of our organization has started work on the proposed re-seller website which will have a more professional look than the current one, it is being built with the latest technologies of web development such as MVC3, CSS3 and HTML 5.
Please if you have not posted the features you want us to add to the new re-seller website, follow the link ( to post the features you want us to add to the new re-seller’s website or vote for the feature if it has already been posted.

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