Thursday, 4 April 2013

Our new reseller hotline and website

From Our Team to You
SMSLive247 team appreciates your patronage for the past month, we hope we've been able to render a more satisfying service to you in recent times. We want to use this medium to establish a communication platform which we hope will bridge the communication gap we have with our customers. It is intended to improve our customer relationship and know the areas we can improve our services through customers feedback.

New Re-seller Line
Due to the estimable value of our re-sellers, we at SmsLive247 have introduced a new line through which our re-sellers can get to the re-seller unit directly. The new number is 08096504224. Please save this new number on your devices since it’s going to be the medium through which re-sellers issues will be solved urgently.
We want to use this medium to inform you in advance that both the MTN (+234-706-717-7752) and GLO (+234-807-383-4331) lines will be withdrawn very soon.

New Re-seller Website
The development section of our organization has started work on the proposed re-seller website which will have a more professional look than the current one, it is being built with the latest technologies of web development such as MVC3, CSS3 and HTML 5.
Please if you have not posted the features you want us to add to the new re-seller website, follow the link ( to post the features you want us to add to the new re-seller’s website or vote for the feature if it has already been posted.

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