Monday, 13 October 2014

Mobile marketing in Nigeria

The dawn of mobile communication brought a huge amount of change in communication from just making calls, text, gaming, chatting, and graphics. Creating advertising platforms for brands who do not want to just cause a scene on different mediums but be seen as relevant and engaging. For some few years now we are privileged to have seen mobile communication innovatively get discovered, explored, exploited and competitive yet still being the best thing that has happened to everyone especially the marketing and advertising industry in Nigeria over the years.

Mobile marketing has the potential of being the most cost effective tool for individuals and companies wanting to advertise as well as yield great return on investment and it also provides brands good sustenance for brand awareness campaigns.

The challenge of mobile marketing process is still unveiling in Nigeria, individuals, agencies and brands who want to infuse mobile marketing into their marketing mix need to understand the pros and cons of how it works and its effects to their brands. Before delving into a Bulk SMS marketing campaign, businesses need to determine who their target audience is, in order to position themselves for success and achieve their goals.

At SMSLIVE247 we offer a well conceptualized and stable Bulk SMS marketing service that will address all your functional requirements which has been tried and tested. It is an exciting time for you to take advantage of this great opportunity and together, we will carry your business to the next level.