Monday, 10 November 2014

How to save your contacts

1. To add contacts on your phone book, click on the "Compose SMS'' link.
Once the "Send SMS'' page loads, click on the "Add New" link on the right hand-side of the page. 

A box pops up, enter the phone number and name in the text box provided.

Then click on the "Save" button to save the numbers. 

2. With the aid of a notepad you can upload your Bulk numbers on to your Bulk SMS account.

To upload/create a bulk file of numbers, login to your account on

Click on "Compose Bulk SMS".

When the page loads, click on the "Upload New Bulk File..." link below the second text box.

A box pops up, click on "Select File" to choose.

When the bulk file of numbers has been selected, save as new or merge into existing group if you have any.

Click on the "Upload" tab to upload the selected bulk file.

Note: Save your contact numbers in NOTEPAD on your computer.

Hopefully you will find this information useful and we remain at your disposal for any further clarification or assistance needed.