Friday, 13 December 2013

Self service

It has been observed that many customers would have to call before their accounts can be credited, due to the fact that the teller at the bank made a typographical error by posting incomplete characters of the email addresses used as the depositor’s name and many other vices.  Smslive247 has proffered a solution to this, all you need do is confirm the payment from your end and credit your account personally.  We have tested this feature for some time now and it has been effective in some cases.

To confirm your payment: log in to your smslive247 account, under ‘Account Overview’ you will see ‘Account not credited?

Click here to confirm your payment’ on the page that opens, there you will select

1. Date Type:  there are two options a. Exact Date b. Date Range. If you are sure of the date of the payment, you should choose the ‘Exact Date’ option but when you are not sure of the date, you should choose the ‘Date Range’ option. Then input the date.

2. Bank: Select the bank you paid to.  The list of banks we use will be displayed when you click on the drop down arrow.

3. Amount: Insert the amount you paid in the text box provided for it.

4. Depositor’s name used: type in the name you wrote on the deposit slip in the text box provided for it.            

5.  Confirm Button: After all the details have been specified, click on confirm button, the search engine on our platform will search for your payment and credit your account automatically.

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