Friday, 13 April 2018

Food for thought: Don't Opt-out of VAS Completely

The Do-Not-Disturb policy was an initiative that was introduced by the Nigerian Communications Commision to provide telecoms subscribers with the option of opting out of unwanted services with the use of a code.

What many subscribers don't know, however, is that the DND code also allows them to opt-in for services that are of interest and benefit to them, as well as opting out of Value Added Services (VAS) completely.

There are indications that telecom subscribers might have misinterpreted the NCC’s efforts at curbing the menace of unsolicited messages and calls to mean ending telecoms value-added services in its totality. As at last February, nine million subscribers were said to have activated the code to block unsolicited messages. Industry experts are, however, calling more subscriber awareness on the workings of the DND code and the benefits they are bound to get from not completely opting out of VAS.

Speaking on the prospects of the market, Ayoola Oke, Chief Executive Officer of ICT Derivatives Limited, said telecom consumers are using the power given to them by the NCC to deprive themselves of huge benefits of VAS. According to him, by completely blocking VAS, many subscribers had missed text messages from prospective employers, as well as other messages that could benefit them.

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