Friday, 10 November 2017

SMSLIVE247's bulk SMS platform for non-profit organizations

Non-profits thrive when they can get their messages out. Increase exposure to your cause and rally support by leveraging today’s most popular channel for communication- text messaging.
With SMSLIVE247’s Messaging platform, you can grow your membership and keep everyone in your organization informed and engaged, including:

1. Promoting your cause: Spread the word and go viral with your cause by engaging your fans and followers with inspirational text messaging campaigns.
2. Rallying your members: Trumpet your call-to-action and make sure everyone is up-to-speed through weekly SMS newsletters that can be customized with our built-in HTML editor. Remind members about upcoming events via voice broadcast or SMS Appointment Reminders. 
3. Boosting donations: Drive in donations by reaching all of your potential donors. Send a compelling SMS message to motivate donations. Inform members of needed items and drop-off locations through immediate mobile-text announcements.

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