Friday, 27 October 2017

How the SMSLIVE247 platform can be of benefit to medical centers

The heart of health-care is caring for the well-being of your patients. For that, you need effective communication to make sure they feel cared for. The SMSLIVE247 web based software caters to this need with an efficient, cost effective and user-friendly solution to keep your patients informed and reminded. With the SMSLIVE247 bulk SMS platform, you can:
• Keep patients informed: Healthy living starts with good medical advice. Collect your patients contact information by letting them sign up through an online sign-up page to receive informative monthly SMS sent directly to their mobile phones. Send timely SMS notifications to remind your patients about check-ups and seasonal shots.
• Personalized care: Patients feel better when you know them by name and their individual needs. Build trust by individualizing your communications. Send helpful SMS alerts to remind patients to take their medication.
• Facilitate internal communication: Coordination is critical in running a healthcare organization. Keep your staff up-to-date with the latest information in real-time by sending quick SMS messages to inform doctors and nurses of shift changes or other urgent announcements. For upcoming seminars and events, schedule periodic SMS messages that can be delivered to specific groups, like doctors, nurses, technicians, or office staff.
• Reduce missed appointments: Cut down on no-shows by scheduling appointment reminders to be sent the day before. You can also sort patients based on their primary physician, and send them alerts when their doctor is on leave.
Feel free to contact the SMSLIVE247 support department to learn more about this service


  1. It is highly disappointing to realize that i sent messages twice on 16th and 18th November 2017 for immediate delivery,but it was delivered and i was sent a delivery report in respect of the sent messages. I called your line 08099999247 to complain,what i keep hearing is service not available. Check through your page to confirm.

  2. Dear Customer,

    We deeply regret the inconveniences experienced.

    Kindly provide your email address to conduct a thorough check on your account as to what problem could be and proffer a solution.

    Please accept our sincere apologies.

    Waiting to read from you.

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