Monday, 18 September 2017

Optimizing your ministry using SMSLIVE247's mobile messaging platform

Energize membership: Keep members updated about upcoming events via mobile text messages. Launch a Mobile Voting campaign to quickly gather feedback on topics or events. 

Remind people about an event’s location and time or any last-minute changes with SMS reminders. Finally, make your services or other large events interactive in real-time via Text-to-Screen by taking prayer requests or scripture questions on a large-screen display.

Encourage spiritual relationships: Right from your desktop, help build lasting spiritual relationships between your staff and your members as well as among the congregation. 

Encourage your members with daily passages or words of inspiration and provide individualized attention so that people can respond to your group messages. Also send personalized SMS on special occasions, like birthdays and holidays.

Boost attendance and outreach: Our messaging platform can also help sustain consistent attendance, expand membership, and even facilitate fundraisers.

Members can get a sneak preview of upcoming services by posting a mobile keyword for anyone to text in to find out about service topics while adding them to your database. Boost turnout for scripture studies and special events like fundraisers by scheduling SMS Appointment Reminders.
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