Monday, 11 May 2015

How to make payments using the Quickteller website option

You can access the Quickteller payment option using your computer by visiting the website at which brings you directly to the page pictured below:

You are required to enter your "Email address" and "Mobile number"- same ones you used in registering on the SMSLIVE247 platform, in the fields provided, enter the amount also then click "Continue". The example below shows a customer trying to make a payment of N1000 worth of SMS units. 

The system would automatically match your email address with your name on our platform as indicated in the screenshot above. Confirm your payment, and acknowledge the N100 convenience fee by clicking on the "Pay" button. The next page below shows your request being redirected to the Quickteller payment page, which only takes a few seconds.


This feature enables you to have a preview of your transactions before you pay, this way, you can be sure that the email address you entered identifies with your name on our platform. The screenshot below is an example of how the payment page should look like:

Next, you will need to select your card type; either
  • Verve
  • MasterCard Naira Debit
  • Visa
You will have to select a choice from the options provided. The next page will take you to either of the following, depending on the card type you’re using.

For Verve Card Users:

  1. Enter your card number
  2. Enter the expiry date
  3. And the Cvv2 number, which is the 3-digit number written on the back of the Verve card.
  4. Enter your card pin
  5. Click on the “Pay” button to complete your transaction.

For MasterCard Users:

Kindly follow the same steps as outlined above.

For Visa Card Users:

This card type does not require your card pin to make payments. All you have to do is;
  1. Enter your card number
  2. Enter the expiry date
  3. And the Cvv2 number
  4. Then, click the “Pay” button to complete your transaction.
Please contact our support on 08099999247 if you experience any problems using this payment option. We would be happy to hear from you.

Thank you for choosing SMSLIVE247!