Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Reasons for undelivered messages

This is to bring to your notice some changes on the Sender's ID option.  Some of the network providers have recently included some measures on their server to curtail fraud as its rate increases daily.

Some of these measures are:

1.             GLO Nigeria does not allow the usage of Phone numbers as the Sender's ID, as well as the inclusion of Phone numbers in the body of the message.
2.            MTN Nigeria does not allow the use Promo, Y’ello, MTN etc in a message or as the Sender’s id.
3.            Mixing alphabets with numbers such as FECA 2013 as Sender Id is not accepted on all networks.
4.            Usage of numeric characters less than 11 digits such as ‘999’, ‘3021’ or ’777’ as Sender Id is not accepted on all networks.

You may be charged and the messages will not get delivered when any of these measures is ignored, we would not be able to refund the units charged because we would be billed as well for the messages.  So to avoid this, you need to take note of these measures.

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